At Hopesprings we believe everything began in the human story in a garden, a park. So when we found out about Park(ING) Day happening in Sioux City, a day when cities all over the world convert parking spots into inviting, interesting spaces for people, we thought what better way to serve our city and engage with people in our community?  

On a normal day, parking spots can be coveted and even hated things. Coveted for their location, their convenience..."oh, look! There's one!" "Ugh, where can we park?" Hated for their lack of availability, or for the well-earned tickets we get for occupying them for too long. (Maybe I'm the only one?)

Well, not last Friday!  Our parking spots bustled with activity and with life, a chance for the unexpected, the beautiful, the extraordinary. We saw people playing games, drinking tea, getting flowers, being artistic...all in the ordinary parking spaces scattered throughout downtown.  People were talking to each other, laughing together, being outside and enjoying the beauty of the day and the unexpected joys of seeing parking spaces converted into little parks. 

Parking Day

Seeing the lives of people brighten with flowers, coffee, macaroons, tea, and cozy spot to talk to each was just the sort of thing we are after.  "Surely God was in this [parking spot], and I didn't know it..."