Since Hopesprings Sioux City sprung up back in October of 2013, we have not had a permanent location. We have moved 3 times, but have been fortunate enough to always be located in the same building, the Commerce Building at 520 Nebraska Street in downtown Sioux City. Over the last few years, we have watched our gathering grow as well as the relationships with people and organizations in our community.

Currently, Hopesprings meets on the 5th floor of the Commerce Building. After hearing that our current space may no longer be available and feeling the need to be on the street level, we decided to start looking for a different space in downtown Sioux City. We kept our eyes open for all available spaces that might work.

In the fall of 2016, a space came on the market with a lot of potential located at 609 Wesley Parkway. It looks out over downtown Sioux City and is located on a well-driven road that connects Hamilton Blvd to downtown Sioux City. The front part of the building is a wide open space that is ideal for a gathering. The back part of the building features a huge, high ceiling space that Hopesprings would be able to grow into someday if needed. Oh, yeah, and it has character! (It's seen some thing and it isn't us.)

We pursued the space and were able to move forward in buying the building in March 2017! Since purchasing the space, our folks have been doing demo work, framing, painting and working with electricians and plumbers to get the space ready for our first gathering. Stay tuned for more information on this date and follow the building’s progress on Facebook!

We could show you a bunch of pictures about the progress, and feel free to check them out over on Facebook, but we wanted to share the most important picture of the new space:

This is what you see when you walk out the front door. 

Your city. Your neighbors. The people God has sent us to love.  This is the most compelling thing about 609 Wesley.  You can't leave without being compelled to love others and serve Sioux City.