Halloween. Super scary, right? Little kids roaming the streets with their parents, dressed up as super heroes, princesses, and the cutest infant vampires you'll ever see in your life.  If cute-ing people to death was a thing, then Halloween would be terrifying.  And yes, maybe it is a way for us to have a deeper conversation about death and the things we are really afraid of. So what are we really afraid of?

It turns out there are people in our community who are afraid they won't have a place to stay tonight. Who don't know where their next meal is going to come from. Who worry they won't be able to provide basic needs for their kids, let alone a killer halloween costume. 

Now that is scary.  

We got a call that a mom with two very young children who didn't have a place to stay on Halloween. More than what the kids might be wearing out for trick-or-treating, or how much candy the kids will be hopped up on, or what one night of silly says about us as a culture, it's really scary that people in our community are struggling to have shelter. Tonight, not just on Halloween. 

What terrifies us is the idea that we could grow numb to the suffering happening in our city, that we would care more about costumes and candy than families hurting and wondering where home will be tonight. So in addition to giving candy to little vampires, we gave a family a place to stay. 

"Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them..." _Psalm 82.3-4

Halloween for one family was a little less scary.