Hopesprings is a wild ride. We have had some odd gatherings, and you really don’t know for certain what will happen when you show up on a Sunday morning. Anything can happen. The music may be totally different. The space we meet in could be transformed in some way. The pastor may not say a word, but instead write a message. He may smell, on purpose, to make a point (he alleges)…but that’s a tale for another time. 

A couple Sundays ago our team showed up to a completely dark Commerce Building in downtown Sioux City. Dark as in NO POWER. AT ALL. Surprise! After confirming with the utility workers inside a hole in the back of the building that yes, indeed the power was out (refer to the hole) and would be until sometime that afternoon, we were faced with a pretty simple question.

So, like, what should we do?

Option 1: We ferry people up 5 floors with cell phone flashlights into a room with no power where we would have a gathering in our normal space. (cut to toddlers thinking their parents brought them to a Halloween experience)

Option 2: …  …   …well, we’ve always wanted to try meeting in the garden across the street, so, we could do that?

Option 3: We cancel. (Canceling due to lack of creativity is for chumps)

After a good deal of discussion, hypothesizing, and using our phone-a-friend, we elected to go with option 2. We would meet outside. (In the balmy low-60s with a stiff wind)

We alerted the troops and got to work. Permission from a confused gardener was secured. Chairs were procured. Coffee was imported from a local powered establishment.

We had our first gathering in the garden. It was chilly. It wasn’t ideal. But there was a moment…there’s always that moment that keeps us doing crazy things.

The wind comes up, and the people sing:

His love's like a hurricane, and I am a tree

Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.

We shiver, but not because it’s cold.