Hopesprings Sioux City actually began in the Slate Belt of Pennsylvania in 2005 when Five families started listening and stopped hoping someone else would do it....they discovered a vision to reach their neighbors around the block and around the world with the message of Jesus and His transforming power in our lives. Together they began Hopesprings.

started listening and stopped hoping someone else would do it

That vision convinced a couple from Sioux City Iowa to pack up and move across the country to Bangor, PA and begin a new journey of faith with God and people.  This changed their lives, and they were captivated with the simple vision to love God, love people, and serve their city.  

They couldn't shake the vision, or the feeling that Sioux City needed a community of faith like Hopesprings.  A place where people could be themselves on their journey towards God and other people. A journey motivated by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus to be loved, and to love others. 

In 2013, armed with a vision for the community of faith with the same DNA as Hopesprings in Bangor, Michael, Summer, and their two young children moved across the country again, back to Sioux City.  Together with two other families they began Hopesprings in Sioux City. The mission was and remains simple: Love God, Love People, and Serve the SUX. 

We envisioned a group of people who would take the good news of God’s love beyond the traditional walls of the established church and share His message with our community in relevant ways. We’ve been on an exciting journey ever since.

Our story is the story of God in people and places for millennia.  

Together we are loving God, loving people, and serving the SUX. 

Are you motivated by the same passion?  Are you looking for a community of faith where you can be yourself as you journey towards God and people?  Come join us Sundays at 10:30 at our new location - 609 Wesley Parkway in Sioux City, plug into a community group, or check out what we are doing in the community.